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Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

A few problems, but still alright

There are a few anatomical problems with this, and I know I'm going to get a "ur an as$hole. i don't care" response, but I feel like they should be mentioned.

One is the wrist. I don't know about your wrist, but normally they don't bend as much side-to-side as they do up-and-down. The way you have her wrist bent makes it look like her bones form a spiral. Even if the intention was to make it bend straight down, the lack of flair at the base of the palm and the incorrectly lengthed fingers just make it look more like an octopus tentacle than a graceful feminine wrist and hand. Wrists can be sexy and graceful. You should practice those.

A small note should be mentioned about the calf muscle. Unless you're drawing the hulk, you shouldn't make up muscles. And as it is, it looks like the leg is bending at an extra joint.

Last, and most important: Boobs don't attach at the collarbone. I don't know if you've ever seen any, but they usually attach about 2 - 2.5 inches down from the collar bone, and are affected by gravity. I know that you could say "shes wering a pushup bra, b1tch," but that has to be one hell of a pushup bra to push them up to the collarbone. Even bras with an under-wire don't change where they attach to the chest, it just brings them up to that level. Looking at the preview images for you other artwork, this seems to be a problem you experience a lot. So I recommend taking a life-drawing class, or, even cheaper, just finding pictures of naked models on the internet and tracing them. It'll really help your boobs look more realistic and help fix your anatomy in general.

So, that's all I have to mention. Overall it's not bad - the proportions and the clothing folds are adequately executed. I would have given it 8 stars, were it not for the aforementioned anatomy problems and for the fact that this is still a sketch. Congrats on the front page and all.

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HOLIMOUNT responds:

well....actually hehe your not being an asshole dude haha i love comments like this because there not like trollin or just some hypocritical dude saying cool hehehe love the anatomy obserbations and stuff ill try to get better in the art form but is hard but anyways thanks for the tip it its really hard to find people that give good respecfull honest reviews so thanks man

The Host Gwoemul The Host Gwoemul

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Quite interesting

You made good use of the heavy-inked deep shadows, and your control of them was pretty darn good. I also liked the overall effect of your underlighting, but there were a few points where I thought the execution was a bit spotty (eg. the folds of the center character's clothing). But overall you did a pretty splendid job of creating a picture from 4 tones. If this was your first attempt at extreme contrast lighting, then I'd say you should definitely practice some more. With a little refinement, I think you have the talent to master the technique.

juan-arg responds:

It is the first time I use an extreme contrast and I had some problems (especially with clothes) but I think to be the first time this quite well.
Thanks for your observation.

No Face No Face

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

An interesting take

Well, this is certainly an interesting take on one of the more mysterious creatures in a Miyazaki film. The bold, jagged lines are a real departure from the traditional blobby and round interpretation of the character. It looks almost as if Kaonashi was mixed with Venom.

I like your choice of muscle lines for the black background of the character. It's very fitting.

TaraGraphika responds:

Thanks K1rby, I improve the old.=)

Ninja Attack Squirrel Ninja Attack Squirrel

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Interesting piece

I think my favorite thing about this piece is the variable boldness of the lineart. You don't see many people do that as much anymore, but it's definitely a choice I like; it gives it a good comic feel. Your palette choice is good. I can't tell if the leggings and sleves are pure white, but they blend nicely with your background color.

One thing that I could critique, though, is some of your shadows and highlights, especially on the hair. You have the thick anime style highlight going through her bangs, but then you make the shadow on the left stop at the highlight. If it were a real picture, anywhere that's in shadow wouldn't get the light that's creating the highlight, so it's weird to see the highlight in a place where light isn't hitting the subject. Also, there are some places on the ponytail that feel too well lit; like her body isn't casting a shadow. I guess the hair could just be really far back from her body, but the perspective suggests otherwise.

Anyway, not bad at all. Just think about that shadowing thing, and your pictures will turn out even better.

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TheBurningDonut responds:

The background is kept simple because it was intended for a T-Shirt.

Shading is something that I need to work on.

Jack-O-Lantern Jack-O-Lantern

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not bad

This one's not too bad at all. I like the use of bold black outlines to give it that high-contrast cartoony pop, and you also did a good job with the cell shading and highlighting. True, the lineart looks a little shakey at places, but I believe it gives the piece character.

All in all, a good Halloween piece.

Lalush/Zero (Code Geass) Lalush/Zero (Code Geass)

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

I'm sorry, this is just horrible

I really hate to rain on anyone's parade, especially when it comes to tearing down someones artistic endeavours that they tried really hard on. Creativity is something that should be nurtured, and constructive criticism is the best way to go.

But this piece - and most of the pieces you've submitted recently, actually - just aren't quite there yet in terms of artistic development, and I'm surprised someone took the risk in scouting you.

Your pictures all look like you started with the outlines whil looking at a reference picture. In this one your line art is not smooth, and your proportions are out of whack both on the face and the figure. These are what make it look like something a teenager copied from his or her favorite anime: the lines and proportions. I mean, look at the right leg on your figure. It's leg has more waves than a sin function and more jagged blips than an ekg machine. Don't start with the outlines when drawing something. It almost never looks good, especially when you're first starting. True, once art is a person's profession, they can start on the outlines with some sense of security, but you haven't reached that level yet.

Instead, try to build your characters and faces out of its component shapes first with very light strokes. Then start to darken the lines you want to keep and don't be afraid to erase. There are no erase marks on this untouched-up picture, which is really how I can tell you're just learning. You have to be ready to erase something that doesn't look right to you, which is why you do it first lightly and then go over it darker once you're happy with it.

This would solve so many issues with your art right there. I mean, the face on this piece: the eyes are all out of place, and it looks like he has the gout on the right side of his face. It looks like a drawing Napoleon Dynamite would draw, which is a style that not many people can pull off. If you had started by drawing the basic shape of the head and then the parts of the face, you would have seen that the eyes look like he's Chunk from The Goonies and you would have been able to fix it.

So, keep learning. There are definitely some very good fundamentals here, but it just looks way too amature. I hope I haven't been too harsh on you; it was all stuff that needed to be said. I'm not saying that you suck at art, just that you need to grow a bit more before you submit this much art to the portal. Don't be discouraged if a mod removes you, but just keep learning and come back once you feel better about your art.

Again, I apologize for my frankness,
-The Ninjkabat

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XMarionettexIncX responds:

well thanks for the wall of text and for the help XD

Something about Mary Something about Mary

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Good rendition

I thought I recognized the character design from somewhere. You have succeeded in capturing Andrew Dickman's style while still adding little flairs of your own creativity with the gradiated lighting highlights.

All in all a solid composition. As a cartoonist myself, my hat is off to you.

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