Entry #22

The Aquabats Super Show Promo!

2012-03-01 17:55:21 by Ninjkabat

I finished! That animation I was teasing you all about a week ago is finished and up in the portal.


The Aquabats are seriously the best band in the world, period. The Aquabats Super Show is coming to The Hub this Saturday at 11am EST, 8AM PST. That's right: the same network as My Little Pony - so you know it's going to be an awesome show.


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2012-03-05 08:10:49

Ya know, I've never seen the Hub before, and not even sure if I have it. But I will check none the less, because the Aquabats are a pretty cool band.

Ninjkabat responds:

And if not, you can always watch it here: http://www.hubworld.com/watch/147 9551990001/the-aquabats-super-sho w-episode-1-manant-season-1

For Freeeeee!